Ensure Safe & Sanitized Learning Environment

Comprehensive Cleaning

Because a clean and healthy campus matters. With Janitorially, you get comprehensive school cleaning services in Phoenix and its surrounding areas for a germ-free environment. We are aware that not all educational institutions are the same.

Specialized Cleaning Plan

There are differences between each educational institution. We take advantage of this distinction as the best school cleaning services in Phoenix by developing unique cleaning schedules for each institution.

Deep Cleaning Services

We perform regular cleaning during the school terms. Also, we do communal area cleaning and antiviral disinfection and sanitization at the end of the school term.

Phoenix School Cleaning

Trusted & Verified School Cleaners

All of our school cleaners undergo background verifications. Janitorially conducts local and national wide background verification of our school cleaners for the safety of your students. All our cleaning staffs carry ID badge and wear official uniform when they are present in your premises.

Safe Disinfection For Schools

There is a huge difference between the environment of elementary school and college campuses. Being the best school cleaning company in Phoenix, we do extensive research and use the best cleaning solutions as per your needs.

High Standard School Cleaning Services As Per Your Needs

Janitorially follows a flexible approach to accommodate your schedule for cleaning and meeting the specific cleaning requirement of your institution.
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Make Your School Premises Germ-Free With Best School Cleaning Services

We assist in securing and safeguarding students from dangerous bacteria and viruses with our innovative cleaning methods.

Phoenix School Cleaning Company


Do you know a layer of dust can form in a single day? Dusting your school premises must be done every day to make sure that there is the best environment for those suffering from allergies and breathing issues.

School Cleaning Company in Phoenix

Floor Care

From mopping to sweeping, we have got you covered with the best comprehensive floor care and school cleaning services in Phoenix There is no telling on how much grime substances students bring to school every day.

School Cleaning Phoenix

Waste Removal

Trash buildup at school is a huge problem. When left for too long, it would lead to serious odor and bugs. We will handle all these aspects for you and restock the bags as needed.

School Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Window Cleaning

The little hands of children tend to leave dirty and streaky windows in most elementary schools. It may have germs and bacteria with it. Those filthy windows need to be cleaned, and being the best school cleaning company in phoenix we will get the job done.

School Cleaning Services Phoenix

Disinfection & Sanitization

The deep cleaning makes sure that all these germs and bacteria are killed off at each surface, right from the floor to the ceiling.

Best School Cleaning Company in Phoenix

What We Clean?

  • Assembly Rooms, Auditoriums, & Sports Halls
  • Art Rooms & Science Rooms
  • Classroom & Seminar Rooms
  • Dining Centers & Cafeteria
  • Office & Staff Rooms
  • Corridors & Hallways
  • Toilets & Bathrooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Libraries

Areas We Serve

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Education Facilities Do You Service?

Janitorially provides after-hours cleaning services to campuses for daycares, preschools and K‑12

Will We Always Have The Same School Cleaners?

Oh, absolutely! Our sole focus is on providing exceptional after-hours school cleaning services. And you know what sets us apart? Our incredible team of school cleaners who are here for the long run, becoming true experts in keeping your school campus spotless. They undergo comprehensive training both on and off-site, giving them the superpowers to swiftly and efficiently tidy up your school campus. We believe in fostering strong relationships, so we actively encourage our school cleaners to build close-knit bonds with their fellow teammates.

Do You Background Checks To Your School Cleaning Team?

We prioritize the safety and security of our clients’ schools above all else. We take extensive measures to ensure that our school cleaning staff is thoroughly vetted before they are hired and on an annual basis thereafter.

As a provider of after-hours school cleaning services, we understand the importance of effective screening. We leave no detail unchecked, conducting thorough background checks, verifying employment history, reviewing motor vehicle reports, and conducting drug tests. You can have peace of mind knowing that our cleaning staff is properly vetted before entering any educational facility.

Who Is Going To Be Cleaning My School?

At Janitorially, we put cleaning first. Forget about winning contracts or passing the buck to other cleaning companies. Our dedicated team of expert school cleaners is here to keep your school sparkling clean. We never outsource our cleaning work – it’s all done in-house by our highly trained staff. With our extensive experience and ongoing training in the latest school cleaning techniques, you can trust us to get the job done right.

We only hire experienced school cleaners who have worked for another cleaning company for a minimum of 3 years within the past year or a total of 5+ years of cleaning experience. Why? Because we’ve found that school cleaners with this background are more dedicated to their job and less likely to look for easier, lower-paying positions elsewhere.

Our school cleaners are paid above industry standards, ensuring employee loyalty and guaranteeing a consistent and reliable staff. Trust us to keep your school spotlessly clean.

How Many School Cleaners Will Be There To Clean My School?

The number of people we send to clean your school is based on the size of the campus. Generally, we send 1-5 school cleaners based on the scope of the school cleaning services you want.

What Frequency and Cleaning Tasks Do You Provide?

As a trusted name for education facility cleaning service experts, we provide top-tier janitorial cleaning solutions to schools in the area. Frequency of cleaning are either 1x/week, 2x/week, 3x/week, 4x/week, 5x/week.

Janitorially areas for school cleaning services are entrances/waiting areas, front desks, offices/cubicles, conference room, staff lounge, cafeteria, Kitchen, classrooms, computer room, music room, art room, library, school yard, restrooms, hallways and more. Our standard comprehensive school cleaning tasks checklists includes nightly, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks to meet the school cleanliness expectations of an organized and cleaned campus. If our current rate doesn’t align with your budget with the standard cleaning task rate, we can adjust the tasks to make sure your school is tidy and cleaned by morning that meets your budget.

How Do You Quality Control For Schools?

Janitorial inspections for schools serve as a vital link between school facility managers and cleaning companies. Janitorially leverages janitorial inspections to fine-tune their cleaning techniques, ensuring you receive nothing but first-class service.

Are You Insured and Bonded For School Cleaning?

Absolutely! Janitorially has got you covered with top-notch liability protection certificate. Our all-inclusive policies, bolstered by extra layers of umbrella and excess liability insurance, guarantee that we are ready for any unforeseen circumstances. Your safety and trust are our absolute priorities. Amp up your protection with a simple request! At Janitorially, we empower you to include Additional Insured or Waiver of Subrogation to your Certificate of Insurance once you partner with us as a client.

What Is My School Cleaning Service Rate For 2024?

The best way to get an accurate school cleaning service quote is to schedule a cleaning walkthrough with Janitorially. Although school cleaning services rates ranges from school to school we are an after-hours school cleaning service provider with budgeting solutions for the cleanliness of your educational facility that is able to also tailored to your specific needs, taking into account the type of floorings, areas of cleaning, and frequency of cleaning. Whether you opt for our standard cleaning tasks or customize a cleaning plan to fit your budget, we ensure your school and campus space is spotless and hygienic before students arrival in the morning.

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