Develop A Thriving Learning Environment For Tiny Tots

Make a good and ever-lasting impression with our daycare cleaning services in Phoenix.

Provide Best Cleanliness

Parents are quick in evaluating daycare facilities of their children based on the cleanliness and appearance of the daycare.

Assist In Learning

Combat sticky tables, smelly restrooms, and dirty floors. So, teachers, parents, and children can focus on what is necessary – learning.

Daycare Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Germ-Free Daycare Cleaning Services

Children need to be free to focus on thriving and learning in a safe and sanitary environment free from infectious germs. Janitorially focuses on lowering the cross-contamination from restrooms to and classrooms. You can count on us for detail-oriented and reliable daycare cleaning services in Phoenix that attend to the cleanliness of craft supplies, books, toys, high traffic floor areas, restrooms, chairs, tables, etc.

Germs Out, Growth In

No doubt, daycare centers are often called the germ playground as not only kids are susceptible to diseases that get transmitted via greasy fingers, snotty noses, and food spillages, but even the staff can find themselves catching some of the nasty microbes that spread diseases. Our daycare cleaning services in Phoenix are created and built on the current industry standards and regulations. That makes sure the little ones get their hands dirty and remain healthy at the same time.

Provide A Healthier Learning Environment For Kids

Deploying the service of daycare cleaning experts can make your daycare and its surrounding areas germ-free.
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Professionals For Protected Playtime

Janitorially has a team of daycare cleaning experts that have relevant experience in ensuring that your kids are safe and healthy. We follow strict cleaning protocols and use the best disinfection methods to make sure that there is no harm to the health of your kids.

Daycare Cleaning Phoenix

Cleaning Tiny Tots

The prevention of cross-contamination from the targeted germ-prone spot is the major reason why our daycare cleaning services in Phoenix are effective. We reduce indoor pollution using state-of-the-art cleaning solutions and products.

Daycare Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Safe, Sanitary & Sound

We use industry-standard equipment that not only cleans but even sanitizes the place. Using an electrostatic and electric disinfecting cleaning system, we ensure that all the places of your daycare center are germ-free.

Phoenix Daycare Cleaning


Our team arrives at your premises in a uniformed, gloved, and appropriate way. So, you can trust us and we perform regular background checks on our daycare cleaners.

Phoenix Daycare Cleaning Services

Why We Are Considered To Be The
Best Daycare Cleaning company in Phoenix

  • We focus on details.
  • We strive to keep even your smallest customer healthy.
  • We use the best disinfecting and sanitizing solutions that are safe.
  • We are thoroughly professional and have relevant knowledge in daycare cleaning services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Outsource My Daycare Cleaning Services?

Keeping your daycare center clean is essential for the safety of the children. As an experienced daycare cleaning service provider, Janitorially offers quality, consistency, and efficiency that can be achieved by trained professionals.

Will We Always Have The Same Daycare Cleaners?

Heck yeah! We’re totally committed to providing top-of-the-line after-hours cleaning services for daycares. And guess what sets us apart? Our amazing team of daycare cleaners who are in it for the long run. They’re true experts at keeping your daycare spotless. They receive thorough training both on-site and off-site, giving them the superpowers to tidy up your daycare center like nobody’s business. We’re all about fostering strong relationships, so we actively support our daycare cleaners in forming close-knit bonds with their colleagues.

Do You Background Checks To Your Daycare Cleaning Team?

At Janitorially, the safety and security of our clients and their daycares are our top priority. That’s why we conduct thorough background-checks on all of our employee cleaning staff before hiring them, and continue to do so on a yearly basis.

As an after-hours daycare cleaning service phoenix provider, we understand the importance of vetting our cleaning staff effectively. We leave no stone unturned, conducting criminal background checks, verifying employment history, checking motor vehicle reports, and even conducting drug testing. Rest assured, our cleaning staff are properly vetted before they set foot in any of our clients’ daycare.

Who Is Going To Be Cleaning My Daycare?

We prioritize the actual cleaning work over winning contracts and outsourcing to other cleaning companies. We employ our cleaners to clean your daycare and never outsource the cleaning to another cleaning company. Our team of expert daycare cleaning employees not only have extensive experience, but they also receive regular training in the latest daycare cleaning techniques and solutions.

We only hire experienced daycare cleaners who have worked for another cleaning company for a minimum of 3 years within the past year or a total of 5+ years of cleaning experience. Why? Because we’ve found that daycare cleaners with this background are more dedicated to their job and less likely to look for easier, lower-paying positions elsewhere.

Plus, our daycare cleaners are paid above industry standards which not only ensures employee loyalty but also guarantees a consistent and reliable staff for your daycare cleaning needs. Trust us for top-quality daycare cleaning that goes beyond surface level.

How Many Daycare Cleaners Will Be There To Clean My Daycare?

The number of people we send to clean your daycare is based on the size of the premises. Generally, we send 1-3 daycare cleaners based on the scope of the daycare cleaning services you want.

What Frequency and Cleaning Tasks Do You Provide?

Janitorially takes pride in delivering top-notch business and daycare cleaning services Phoenix solutions. As a trusted name for commercial daycare cleaning Phoenix experts, we provide top-tier janitorial cleaning solutions to businesses in the area. Frequency of cleaning are either 1x/week, 2x/week, 3x/week, 4x/week, 5x/week, every other week or monthly.

Janitorially areas for daycare cleaning services are entrances/waiting areas, front desks, offices/cubicles, general play and learning areas, break room, restrooms, hallways and more. Our standard comprehensive daycare cleaning tasks checklists includes nightly, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks to meet the cleanliness expectations of an organized, cleaned and sanitized daycare. If our current rate doesn’t align with your budget with the standard cleaning task rate, we can adjust the tasks to make sure your daycare is tidy and cleaned before you begin your workday that meets your budget.

How Do You Quality Control For Daycare?

Janitorial inspections serve as a vital link between daycare/facility managers and cleaning companies. Janitorially leverages janitorial inspections to fine-tune their cleaning techniques, ensuring you receive nothing but first-class service.

Are You Insured and Bonded For Daycare Cleaning?

Yes. Rest assured that Janitorially has you covered with utmost liability protection. Our comprehensive policies, combined with extra layers of umbrella and excess liability insurance, ensure that we are fully prepared for any unexpected events. Your safety and trust are our utmost priorities. Elevate your protection with just a simple request! At Janitorially, we give you the power to add Additional Insured or Waiver of Subrogation to your Certificate of Insurance when you become our client.

What Is My Daycare Cleaning Service Rate For 2024?

The best way to get an accurate daycare cleaning service quote is to schedule a cleaning walkthrough with Janitorially. Although daycare cleaning services rates ranges from daycare to daycare we are an after-hours cleaning service provider with budgeting solutions for the cleanliness of your daycare that is able to also tailored to your specific needs, taking into account the type of floorings, areas of cleaning, and frequency of cleaning. Whether you opt for our standard cleaning tasks or customize a cleaning plan to fit your budget, we ensure your daycare is spotless and hygienic before each workday.

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