Rely On Industry Leaders In Medical Cleaning Services

Thorough Approach

We take a thorough approach to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness whenever we enter a healthcare facility.

Necessary Tools

From medical offices to hospitals, we have the necessary tools and expert knowledge to provide the best healthcare facilities cleaning services in Phoenix that address your specific needs.

Maintain Healthy Environment

At Janitorially, we are aware of how critical it is to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment to take care of both patients and staff members.

Phoenix Medical Office Cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning Services For Medical Facilities

Among the various industries, the healthcare and medical field have a huge necessity for cleaning and maintenance services. Janitorially understands the necessity of cleanliness in hospital and medical care facilities and that is why we provide highly esteemed healthcare and medical office cleaning service in Phoenix.

Trusted And Reliable Medical Cleaning Services

Janitorially takes pride in providing the highest quality and professional healthcare cleaning services in Phoenix. Our cleaning team will work with you in providing a schedule that works for you as well as your team, reducing the disruption as much as possible.

We hire professional medical office cleaners that undergo in-depth study and experience along with real-world and hands-on practice in the medical environment. Such knowledge helps our employees to provide cleaning services that reduce the risk of HAIs.

Provide Healthier Environment For Your Patients & Employees

We use cutting-edge cleaning tools and solutions to increase the level of cleanliness of your surgical suites, exam rooms, offices, etc.
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Providing The Highest Standards Of Cleaning

Our healthcare and medical office cleaning service in Phoenix help to avoid the spreading of germs, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

Phoenix Medical Office Cleaning Services

Safe Working Environment

We make sure that your facility is a safe working environment for you and your visitors.

Healthcare And Medical Office Cleaning Service in Phoenix

Reduce Infections

We take care of the equipment and surrounding areas in your medical facility, thereby minimizing the spread of infections.

Healthcare Cleaning Services Phoenix

Full-Scale Protection

Our team is fully equipped with quality cleaning products and equipment including the best protective gears.

Medical Office Cleaning Company in Phoenix

Cleaning Medical Facilities Professionally With Trained Staff

  • Air-borne pathogen cleaning and air disinfecting
  • Basic microbiological disinfecting
  • Blood-borne pathogen cleaning
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Aseptic cleaning practices
  • Disinfectant solutions

Areas We Serve

Frequently Asked Questions

What Healthcare Facilities Do You Service?

As a medical office cleaning service provider, we train our workforce as per the strict adherence of OSHA safety guidelines. We service the following outpatient healthcare facilities: Medical practices, dental offices, medical clinics, urgent care centers, outpatient surgical centers, pharmacies, animal hospitals, imaging and radiology centers, mental health facilities, rehabilitation centers and more!

Will We Always Have The Same Medical Office Cleaner?

Oh yes! We are completely devoted to providing exceptional after-hours medical office cleaning services. So what’s our winning formula? Our extraordinary team of medical office cleaners are with us for the long run, which means they are absolute experts in keeping your medical facility spotless. They undergo thorough training on and off-site, giving them the superpowers they need to clean your healthcare space efficiently and effectively. We believe in fostering strong relationships, so we actively encourage our medical office cleaners to build close-knit connections with their fellow team members.

Do You Background Checks To Your Medical Cleaning Team?

At Janitorially, the safety and security of our clients and their offices are paramount. That’s why we meticulously screen our medical cleaning staff, both during the hiring process and on an annual basis.

As experts in after-hours medical office cleaning, we understand the necessity of thoroughly vetting our team. We leave no detail unnoticed, conducting comprehensive background checks, employment verification, driver record checks, and even drug testing. You can trust that our highly-qualified medical cleaning staff have undergone rigorous vetting before entering any of our clients’ offices.

Who Is Going To Be Cleaning My Medical Office?

At Janitorially, we place a high priority on the actual cleaning work, rather than focusing on winning contracts or outsourcing the cleaning to another cleaning company. Our team of skilled medical cleaning employees not only have extensive experience, but they also receive regular training in the latest cleaning techniques and solutions.

We carefully select experienced medical office cleaners who have worked for another cleaning company for a minimum of 3 years within the past year or a total of 5+ years of cleaning experience. Why? Because we have found that medical office cleaners with this background are more dedicated to their job and less likely to seek easier, lower-paying positions elsewhere.

Additionally, our medical office cleaners are paid above industry standards, ensuring employee loyalty and providing you with a consistent and reliable cleaning staff. Trust us to go beyond surface level cleaning and provide you with top-quality service.

How Many Medical Cleaners Would Be Cleaning My Medical Facility?

We tailor the number of our medical office cleaners to the size of your medical facility. Typically, we assign 1-3 dedicated medical office cleaners to ensure continuity and minimize turnover.

What Frequency and Cleaning Tasks Do You Provide?

We take pride of delivering top-notch outpatient healthcare and medical office cleaning service Phoenix solutions. As a trusted name for medical office cleaning Phoenix experts, we provide top-tier medical janitorial cleaning solutions to healthcare facilities in the phoenix metropolitan area. Frequency of medical cleaning services are either 1x/week, 2x/week, 3x/week, 4x/week or 5x/week.

Janitorially areas for medical cleaning are entrances/waiting areas, front desks, offices/cubicles, conference room, breakroom, restrooms, exam rooms, and diagnostic rooms, hallways and more. Our standard comprehensive medical cleaning tasks checklists includes nightly, weekly and monthly to meet the cleanliness expectations of our clients medical facilities for the care for their staff and patients such as: Nightly entrance window cleaning, wipe down/disinfect high touch point surfaces, exam room cleaning, diagnostic room cleaning, breakroom cleaning, restroom cleaning, emptying trash, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. Weekly tasks include dusting office systems, furniture and windowsills. Monthly tasks include high dusting/low dusting and deeper cleaning. If our current rate doesn’t align with your budget with the standard cleaning task rate, we can adjust the tasks to make sure your medical office is clean and hygienic before you begin your workday that meets your budget.

How Do You Quality Control?

Janitorially’s janitorial inspections are the key to a smooth partnership between medical/facility managers and cleaning companies. At Janitorially, we use these inspections to perfect our cleaning techniques, guaranteeing you the highest quality service available.

Are You Insured and Bonded For Medical Cleaning?

That is correct! Janitorially provides peace of mind with enhanced liability protection. Trust us to have you covered with our comprehensive policies and extra layers of umbrella and excess liability insurance. Your safety and trust are our top priorities. Elevate your protection with a quick request! At Janitorially, we empower you to add Additional Insured or Waiver of Subrogation to your Certificate of Insurance as our valued client.

What Is My Medical Office Cleaning Service Rate For 2024?

The best way to get an accurate medical office cleaning service quote is to schedule a cleaning walkthrough with Janitorially. Although medical office cleaning services rates ranges from medical facility to medical facility we are an after-hours medical facility cleaning service provider with budgeting solutions for the cleanliness and hygiene of your medical office that is able to also tailored to your specific needs, taking into account the type of floorings, areas of cleaning, and frequency of cleaning. Whether you opt for our medical standard cleaning tasks or customize a cleaning plan to fit your budget, we ensure your medical facility’s space is spotless and hygienic before each workday.

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