Making Your Auto Dealership Sparkle & Shine

Experienced Professionals

Our cleaning experts know about the various cleaning needs of different types of surfaces present in your dealership, and how to take care of them.

Comprehensive Services

With us, you get comprehensive auto dealership cleaning services in Phoenix for a germ-free environment, as all auto dealerships are not the same.

Skillful & Adept

We can easily handle all types of showroom cleaning regimes which can range from simple mopping to heavy-duty work.

Car Dealership Cleaning Company Phoenix

Adding Value To Your Dealership

As a trustworthy best car dealership cleaning company in Phoenix, Janitorially helps to keep your showroom spotless and sparkling, thereby creating a perfect showcase for your vehicles. Our local cleaning company assists in maintaining a professional and inviting image for your car dealership.

Having sanitized restrooms, shiny floors, crystal clear windows, and clean desks along with good-looking cars will help to move your prospects closer to sales. Also, it can motivate your sales team to remain productive at what they do best.

Recurring & One-Time Professional Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

Irrespective of whether you require one-time or recurring auto dealership cleaning packages, we have the perfect solution for your business. Our auto dealership cleaning services in Phoenix would make sure that your facility is safe and clean. From floor care to window washing, we provide customized cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs.

Making A Great Impression – Every Time

Our combination of cleaning systems, standards, and protocols will assist you in creating the perfect showroom to exhibit your vehicles.
Do you want to know more about the best showroom cleaning services in Phoenix? Get a free quote.

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Best Quality Dealership Cleaning Services

We follow a special cleaning procedure that involves the usage of safe chemicals and materials to get rid of germs and keep your customers and employees safe. This customer centric approach has made us the best auto dealership cleaning services in Phoenix.

Showroom Cleaning Services Phoenix

Easy Communication

We are always ready to help you get the best cleaning services that make your showroom more appealing to customers. You can contact our auto dealership company in Phoenix via phone or mail.

Best Car Dealership Cleaning Company in Phoenix

Removing Trash

The buildup of trash can be a huge problem. When it is left for too long can lead to serious bugs and odors. We will handle all these issues and even help to restock the bags as and when required.

Best Showroom Cleaning Services Phoenix

Flexible Cleaning

We perform our cleaning services as per your needs and schedules. So, irrespective of whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, our car dealership cleaning services in Phoenix would ensure your showroom is sparkling using advanced equipment.

Car Dealership Cleaning Services in Phoenix

What We Clean?

  • Vacuuming
  • Floor Sweeping, Cleaning & Waxing
  • Dusting
  • Window & Glass Cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Restroom Upkeep & Cleaning
  • Trash Disposal

Areas We Serve

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Outsource My Auto Dealership Cleaning?

Professional car dealership cleaning services are essential for providing a clean, safe environment that can help to attract and retain customers while also boosting employee morale. And while that is true, our trained and motivated team is dedicated to consistently maintaining a safer and more productive environment. Our high standards ensure your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Will We Always Have The Same Car Dealership Cleaners?

You bet! We’re laser-focused on delivering top-notch after-hours car dealership cleaning services. And what’s our secret sauce? Our rockstar car dealership cleaners stick around for the long haul, making them absolute masters at keeping your auto dealership business squeaky clean. They undergo extensive training both on and off-site, equipping them with the superpowers to efficiently and effectively tidy up your office space. We’re all about nurturing strong connections, so we actively encourage our car dealership cleaners to forge tight-knit bonds with their teammates.

Do You Background Checks To Your Auto Dealership Cleaning Team?

At Janitorially, your safety and the security of your auto dealership is our number one concern. That’s why we take thorough measures to ensure that our cleaning staff are trustworthy. We conduct comprehensive background checks on all employees before we hire them, and we continue to do so annually.

As a provider of after-hours car dealership cleaning services, we understand the importance of carefully screening our staff. We leave no stone unturned, conducting criminal background checks, verifying employment history, checking motor vehicle reports, and even conducting drug testing. You can rest easy knowing that our cleaning staff are fully vetted before they step foot in your auto dealership.

Who Is Going To Be Cleaning My Auto Dealership?

When it comes to cleaning your auto dealership, we refuse to compromise. Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t outsource the work to other cleaning providers. Instead, we employ our own team of expert auto and car dealership cleaners who are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Our janitorial staff is handpicked for their experience and expertise. They have a minimum of 3 years of recent experience working for reputable cleaning companies, or a total of 5+ years in the industry. We’ve found that this level of experience breeds dedication and loyalty, ensuring that our car dealership cleaners will go above and beyond for your auto dealership.

We believe in fair compensation for our employees, which is why we pay them above industry standards. This not only fosters loyalty, but also guarantees a reliable and consistent staff for your auto and car dealership cleaning needs.

At Janitorially, we value quality over quantity. Our car dealership cleaners are trained in the latest techniques and solutions, ensuring that your auto dealership receives top-quality cleaning that goes beyond the surface level. Trust our janitorial experts to keep your auto dealership sparkling clean.

How Many Car Dealership Cleaners Will Be There To Clean My Auto Dealership?

At Janitorially, we tailor our cleaning team to fit the unique needs of your auto dealership. Our number of car dealership cleaners is determined by the size of your premises, ensuring efficient and thorough service. From 1 to 3 car dealership cleaners, we provide top-notch car dealership cleaning services that fit your requirements perfectly.

What Frequency and Car Dealership Cleaning Tasks Do You Provide?

At Janitorially, we excel in providing exceptional auto and car cleaning services in Phoenix. As the go-to commercial car dealership cleaning experts in the area, we deliver first-rate janitorial cleaning solutions to dealerships. Choose from our flexible janitorial service frequencies: once a week, twice a week, thrice a week, four times a week, five times a week, every other week, or monthly.

Janitorially areas for car dealership cleaning services are entrances/waiting areas, front desks, offices/cubicles, conference room, show rooms, break room, restrooms, hallways and more. Our standard comprehensive car dealership cleaning tasks checklists includes nightly, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks to meet the cleanliness expectations of a shiny, and cleaned auto dealership.

If our current rate doesn’t align with your budget with the car dealership standard cleaning task rate, we can adjust the tasks to make sure your auto dealership is tidy and cleaned before you begin your workday that meets your budget.

How Do You Quality Control For Auto Dealerships?

Janitorial inspections serve as a vital link between dealership managers/facility managers and cleaning companies. Janitorially leverages janitorial inspections to fine-tune their cleaning techniques, ensuring you receive nothing but first-class service.

Are You Insured and Bonded For Car Dealership Cleaning?

You bet! Janitorially has got you covered with an outstanding liability protection certificate. Our comprehensive policies, backed by extra layers of umbrella and excess liability insurance, ensure that we are prepared for anything unexpected. Your safety and trust are our utmost concerns. Boost your protection with a simple request! At Janitorially, we give you the power to add Additional Insured or Waiver of Subrogation to your Certificate of Insurance when you become our client.

What Is My Car Dealership Cleaning Service Rate For 2024?

Get an accurate car dealership cleaning service quote by scheduling a cleaning walkthrough with Janitorially. Our after-hours car dealership cleaning service is tailored to your specific needs such as janitorial, stripping and waxing floor service and floor maintenance, considering the type of flooring, areas to be cleaned, and cleaning frequency. We offer budget-friendly solutions without compromising cleanliness and hygiene.

Choose from our standard car dealership cleaning tasks or customize a cleaning plan that fits your budget. Trust us to keep your auto dealership and commercial space spotless and hygienic every workday.

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